Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When did women adopt men’s outfit?

Trousers has been the most favourable dress to be put on by both man and women, although in reality trousers had been men’s outfit since back in the days. Now days it this dress is vital for both sex. Women can put on trousers as the official outfit, casual dress and even on outing occasion example going to a party, wedding or different event of the kind. Lets trace and see when did women start to wear trousers?
 Back in 1850’s an early feminist named Amelia bloomer popularized the trousers for women whereby in those days were referred as bloomer. Bloomer was invented by Elizabeth Smith Miller of New York together with Fabrizia Flynn the wife of an Italian ambassador to South Wales of those days.
From there women were able to do several activities easily compare to when they used to put on only skirts and other dresses. Women could ride bicycle effortlessly when they are with bloomers although in those days this outfit was mostly put on by high class and middle class society  

                                                         A woman putting on a bloomer
Then during the late of 19th century western women started to wear trousers and blouses for industrial work and in World War ll women wore their husband trousers while they took on jobs.
Trousers were regarded as work wear were by women who worked in ranches put on when riding, also when man went to wars women who dressed on their husband trousers to work in forms, mining and in factories.
Later on actresses of those days like Dierich and Katharine Hephurn were photographed in trousers. This made a couple of fusionist to introduce long trousers for women as a fashion item.
Healthy wise, apart from trousers being preferred by many women of today, because they put them in official matters and mostly in business arena but doctors recommend that women who are struggling to conceive should avoid wearing trousers and put on skirts.
         Coming  to Religious aspect there are several religions that prohibits women from wearing trousers example Orthodox Jews believe that a space between a women’s legs is considered to be a private area and therefore must be covered by a garment also they say since trousers were originally created as man’s garment women are therefore forbidden to wear them.
Orthodox says it is biblically forbidden by tracing the biblical verse from Deuteronomy 22:5
“The women shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man neither shall a man put on a women’s garment”
In Muslim countries like Sudan they have laws which prohibit women from putting on trousers.
Also some of African leaders never allowed women to put on trousers in their entire leadership example the one who was the president of Malawi the late Kamuzu banda until 1994 where his rule ended.
Generally from health issues and religious aspect wearing of trousers for women now days has been such a vital manner. This fashion is on the next level from bell bottom jeans to skin-tight legging, sweat pants, carpris pant, leather pants and even plaid pants.
Women who put on trousers should make sure they wear a right type of trouser to the right place example not wearing a skin tit to official activities that’s not fashion instead it’s a violence against fashion and on other hand African women should consider their taboos and respect to society and try to put on trousers which are courteous.